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Duradene™ Styrene Butadiene Rubber: Non-Tire Applications

The unique characteristics of this solution styrene butadiene rubber make it the right choice for a wide variety of rubber goods, including:

Duradene™'s faster cure time and superior abrasion resistance provide a distinct advantage over emulsion SBR in molded goods for various applications.

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Solution: Styrene Butadiene Rubber -- Typical Properties
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Duradene™ MSDS A.O. Bound Styrene Block Styrene Vinyl Tg Base ML/4 OE ML/4 Oil PHR Oil Type Specific Gravity



N.S. 23.5 <1 14 -62 55 -- 0 -- 0.93
711 MSDS S.S. 18.0 <1 11 -70 70 -- 0 -- 0.93
751B MSDS S. 25.0 <1 14 -60 110 45 37.5 HV NAP 0.93
756B MSDS S. 33.5 <1 30.0 -42 125 57 37.5 HV NAP 0.95
763B MSDS S. 40.5 <1 38.5 -22 137 59 37.5 HV NAP 0.95

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Stereon® butadiene-styrene SB and SBS block copolymers – for grafting and melt blending plastic applications, as well as for non-woven hot melt adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, and roofing and paving asphalts.

Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades – for a variety of applications, including plastics, tires, mechanical rubber goods, and golf balls.

Duradene® solution-polymerized styrene- butadiene rubber, (SBR) – for performance tire compounds and demanding extruded and molded rubber goods applications.