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Stereon™ is a styrene-butadiene multiblock copolymer which is sometimes referred to as a thermoplastic elastomer. Stereon™ (SBS) multiblock and thermoplastic elastomers blend easily with polystyrene to give alloy products improved impact resistance and toughness.

Their free-flowing form allows convenient handling in conventional plastics blending systems. Stereon™ can be added in small amounts to extrusion or molding grade HIPS and general purpose polystyrene to enhance and customize properties such as:

Stereon™ is also beneficial in restoring the properties of flame retardant HIPS and recycled and post-consumer polystyrene to useful levels.

Stereon™ thermoplastic elastomers offer a wide range of properties and are the TPE of choice for specialty applications and engineering resins.

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Stereon® butadiene-styrene SB and SBS block copolymers – for grafting and melt blending plastic applications, as well as for non-woven hot melt adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, and roofing and paving asphalts.

Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades – for a variety of applications, including plastics, tires, mechanical rubber goods, and golf balls.

Duradene® solution-polymerized styrene- butadiene rubber, (SBR) – for performance tire compounds and demanding extruded and molded rubber goods applications.