Firestone Polymers



Adhesive Formulation

Stereon™ synthetic rubbers are compatible with a variety of tackifying resins, such as modified terpene, hydrocarbon, and rosin ester types.

These resins allow a great latitude in formulating adhesives based on Stereon™. Dependng on the resin used, an adhesive based on Stereon™ will have an excellent balance of:

Oils can be added to Stereon™ based adhesives to improve processability and tack properties. Stereon™ polymers can be plasticized with naphthenic, paraffinic, aromatic, and mineral oils. Color of the resulting formulation, final properties, and FDA requirements will determine whether these oils can be utilized in specific applications.

During compounding and application, some adhesives may be heated to high temperatures. It is important to protect the adhesive compound from degradation. Stereon™ polymers are produced with sufficient antioxidant to provide protection during their manufacture, shipment and storage. Additional antioxidants can be added to further stabilize the adhesive compound during processing. The choice of antioxidant or antioxidant combination must be determined by the formulator.

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Stereon® butadiene-styrene SB and SBS block copolymers – for grafting and melt blending plastic applications, as well as for non-woven hot melt adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, and roofing and paving asphalts.

Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades – for a variety of applications, including plastics, tires, mechanical rubber goods, and golf balls.

Duradene® solution-polymerized styrene- butadiene rubber, (SBR) – for performance tire compounds and demanding extruded and molded rubber goods applications.