Firestone Polymers



Diene™ Polybutadiene Rubber

Our Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades are used in a variety of applications, including:

Diene™ polybutadiene is available in several medium and high cis grades.

For plastic applications, our Diene™ medium cis polybutadiene rubber has an extremely low gel content and low color. It offers a range of solution viscosities, as it is available in several molecular weights.

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Stereon® butadiene-styrene SB and SBS block copolymers – for grafting and melt blending plastic applications, as well as for non-woven hot melt adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, and roofing and paving asphalts.

Diene™ solution-polymerized polybutadiene rubber grades – for a variety of applications, including plastics, tires, mechanical rubber goods, and golf balls.

Duradene® solution-polymerized styrene- butadiene rubber, (SBR) – for performance tire compounds and demanding extruded and molded rubber goods applications.